March 18, 2020

At Diversified, we continue to closely monitor COVID-19, and take proactive measures to mitigate the potential impact of the virus. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees. Diversified does not have any offices where customers visit. All of our business is handled online, through the mail, or through phone communication. We have several divisions, each with a small staff. Our setup already exceeds the recommended social distancing of 6 feet. Because of this, we could maintain our full operations without changing business hours. However, in consideration of staff members that have children or other family to care for and to promote more family time during this stressful situation, we have made the following temporary changes to our operations.

First, all divisions of Diversified will operate Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Central. All divisions except for Diversified Consumer Services will be closed on Saturday. Diversified Consumer Services will be open from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Central. As per usual, all divisions of the company are closed on Sunday.

Next, we have arranged for employees that can work from home to do so. Please know that your personal information is just as safe as it is any other time. We have very solid security systems in place to assure this. Our phone system is portable, so those working from home will have their desk phone at home.

Next, we have an answering service that handles overflow calls during the day at Diversified Consumer Services, but to ease the strain on their operations and to allow them to incorporate their own COVID-19 plans, we are temporarily directing all overflow calls to voice mail. Please be patient when waiting for return calls. Calls that cannot be returned during these reduced hours may be better handled through the website of the division you are a customer or client of. We have designated staff working from home after our adjusted business hours that will be able to handle written correspondence.

As long as our suppliers are able to continue to deliver and as long as the post office continues accepting outgoing mail, we are presently not experiencing any delays in shipping or mailing nor do we anticipate any delays.

Customers of Diversified Consumer Services, please rest assured that our commitment to working with you as long as you work with us is all that much stronger during this difficult time and we are prepared to work with you as necessary including suspending or reducing payments within reason without penalty.

Let’s work together as a unified country and get through this as quickly as possible with the least amount of personal loss, economic turmoil and inconvenience. We will get through this!