Welcome to Novelty Meds on Etsy!

We've been on Etsy since July of 2015, and we've been quite successful here. So, we've decided to take the next step and have an Etsy based website as well for NoveltyMeds.com.

Novelty Meds started in 2010 as an added division to Diversified Company, an Indiana corporation providing goods and services across the globe since 2007. It was a Sunday morning, and the President of the company was thumbing through the Sunday paper advertisements and came across an ad for prescription medications. He froze in thought. He knew that there're two things that sell quite well on the internet... One is "sex" and he said,  NO WAY to that. The other is "silly" and on that basis, Novelty Meds was born.

What started out as a trial run turned into a growing division of the company that continues to shatter previous year sales year after year.  In 2017, we introduced candy hearts in addition to tasty mints, and we're finding they have gained momentum as well.

Realizing that international rules and regulations vary greatly, there are some countries where we may not be permitted to ship food items, so we decided to open the option of "no candy", which reduces the price, complies with any of those laws that may apply, and expands our customer base globally.  As an unintended side-effect, many customers have purchased the "no candy" option so they can put their own candy in there.

While we are a creative team, our customers are some of our most creative in some of the "cures" they ask us to place on labels. Many of them are inside jokes that we don't get, but the recipient definitely does. Others are simply so great that we adopt them into our "stock cure" collection.

We have processed orders for individuals as well as companies small and large. We even processed an order for an international US based movie studio! A small ambmulance company celebrated an anniversary by throwing a party and giving all the guests a custom Novelty Meds product with their logo in place of ours. And, in what is probably the most creative use of our product to date, a customer purchased a "no candy" version asking his girlfriend to marry him. Inside the bottle, instead of candy, was her engagement ring! She said YES! She now has the bottle in her medicine cabinet with her real medications to bring a little cheer to that daily grind of taking meds.

Our oddly popular product hinges on the election of 2016 in the USA. Originally intended to be a limited-time product, our versions of the illusion that Donald Trump did not win and the illusion that Hillary Clinton did win, we can't pull it from the product line due to ongoing demand. Who would have ever thought??

We're excited to continue to grow Novelty Meds. In addition to the present product line, we are in the process of adding new bottle colors to choose from as well as another size option. We do get requests for specific candy types, and we log those requests to see how many requests we get.

We encourage feedback from our customers. Like any good company, it is our goal to grow and adapt to our customers' needs and desires, and we hope to continue the uptrend as we launch our new website that is intertwined with our Etsy store.

Thanks for taking the time to read our first blog post!