Welcome to Novelty Meds!

A great gift for a friend or yourself, Novelty Meds are great tasting candies in a real prescription bottle meant to bring a big smile and a hearty laugh to the “patient” that receives them.  Designed to look like a real prescription from the pharmacy, Novelty Meds are available with a variety of stock "cures" for the “medication,” or can be personalized with the “patient’s” name and a custom "cure" benefit from the “medicine.”*

Ever feel like all you need is a magic chill pill to make everything feel better during those stressful times? Ever wish you could cure a friend’s woes? Forget the doctor, unless it's serious, of course! Try Novelty Meds! A great gift for a friend or yourself!


NoveltyMeds.Com does not sell real medication. Although our products look like real prescriptions due to the packaging and labeling, and although the contents may resemble medication, we sell candy in prescription bottles and by no means any true medication or nutritional supplements. Although this is candy, we recommend this product for adults only, not children. We further advise keeping this product out of the reach of children so they will not confuse real medication with candy. We are not responsible for what you choose to do with your purchase, who you give it to, or how you store it, or any outcome of your actions. This is a novelty item and should be treated as such.